Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fake Dating Profiles - The Inside Scoop

Some sex dating websites have gotten into hot water because they are accused of having tons of fake profiles. Since we have been running both dating websites and sex dating sites for a very long time, about 15 years, I thought I'd weigh in on the situation.

In truth, any dating site has some percentage of fake member profiles and those profiles are of two basic types. There are fake profiles generated by, or purchased by the website owner, and there are fake profiles posted by site visitors. Today we'll look at the ones generated by the website's staff.
Here's the scenario that leads to dating website owners to generating fake members.

If you have a dating website, you rely on visitors to make you money, either through paying sign up fees, or by showing them advertisements on your sites. To get visitors you have to have lots of members in your database, and there have to be members in all of the cities
in towns where your site visitors search. If a visitor does not find any profiles from singles in his or her area, the visitor will not sign up. So, in order to entice new members to sign up for their service, many webmasters make fake profiles for fictitious members that live in areas where visitors search but few actual members exist. This is what is alleged to have happened at Ashley Madison, where an employee was fired because she was unable to make enough fake profiles. The fake profiles simply increase the number of matches to a search, and the more people there are with whom the prospective member might meet, the more likely he or she is to sign up. This is most likely to happen in sites where you have to pay to sign up, not in the free dating Websites.

Dating sites may also generate fake profiles to motivate free members to become paying members. In these systems, new members are allowed to search and browse the existing member database for free after filling in a simple signing up form. At the free membership level, members are not allowed to communicate with their desired mates until they upgrade to a paying membership. If the new member does not see any prospective matches, he/she won't pay to upgrade. If a new member does not upgrade his/her membership within about a day of signing up for free, the website administration, may employ fake profiles to send personal messages to the free member. These messages are intended to make the free member think that other members are interested in meeting. In order for the free member to communicate with the interested member (the fake one), he/she must upgrade to a paying membership. Once the member begins to pay for his/her membership, the fake member simply stops communicating with the newly upgraded member. This is an especially unscrupulous way of taking advantage of members using fake profiles.

Just for the record. CyberDating has one fake profile - used for testing in the men's section and one in the women's section. Can you find it? 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The most basic of all of the tips for getting laid...

Are you having trouble getting laid? Do you find women online and once they meet you they never turn into a sexual relationship? It could be that you have a problem that is really easy to fix.
Here's one of the most basic of all of the tips for getting laid; work on your personal hygiene.

Its ridiculous that anyone has to write this down but women have a thing about how a guy takes care of himself. Us guys, we're not so petty about those things. I'm sure that most guys want their girl to be half decently clean, especially her undercarriage, but we don't obsess about cleanliness as most women do. The fact is guys, that if you don't come across as you are clean and fresh, that you are unlikely to get laid.
well groomed couple

Here's the deal. When you are going to meet a woman, especially on the first date where first impressions really matter, do your best to look well groomed. Follow along for the details.

I would suggest that you start at the top and work your way down. Plan ahead and get a haircut on a regular basis. Then keep it clean. That means wash it daily. Moving down, trim your nose hair, your eyebrows, hell keep all of your body hair to a reasonable length. If you are into shaving, do it before going on your date. Clean your teeth. Be sure to get a professional to clean them for you a couple of times a year, but in between, brush and floss daily - bad breath is a huge turnoff.

Obviously you're going to shower before your date, but be sure to put on deodorant to keep yourself smelling fresh.

Still working our way down, trim your fingernails and keep them clean. Women notice small stuff like that. And your toenails need to be decent too, although you might get away with that until summer when you get your shoes off more often.

The final thing, for the love of Pete, put on a clean shirt. No stains, rips or wrinkles either.

There you go. You already knew that but now you've been told again.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What ever happened to the phrase "Casual Sex"?

Back in the 70s and 80s,  when I was a kid the phrase casual sex meant something. It had some real impact. I remember hearing of a girl I know in college who was engaging in casual sex and my friends and I all thought it was scandalous. Granted, we were all wishing that we were the luck recipients of this girl's favors, but it was nonetheless, a term that changed the way we thought of her.
large breasted woman with a cowboy hat

In the movies you'd hear people talking about casual sex too. Those where the movies that you didn't tell your parents, or your "proper" girlfriend about. In those days we were all so tame - so simple - so horny.

These days you virtually never hear anyone talking about casual sex. I did hear a couple of old guys talking about it in the mall while they watched the young girls wander by and waited for their wrinkled wives to return from buying sensible shoes. But I digress. These days sex is so casual that you don't need to give it a special moniker. All sex these days is casual. OK perhaps not casual in that it's relaxed, but in that it's no big deal. These days high school girls are having sex on their lunch period (I guess they always did, but they were tramps). Guys are sexting and hooking up nightly with random women - in random places - at random times.

Sex is so commonplace that the mayor of Toronto is discussing his oral sex habits during press conferences. What's next, TV sportscasters getting it on during an interview in a locker room? When will this spiral end? Will sex ever be casual again?

Anyhow, I'm ranting. I guess I'm still jealous.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our ban on nudity is what makes AdultCyberDating different.

I get emails from new AdultCyberDating members every now and then asking why we won't allow them to post nude pictures on their profiles. We know almost all the other adult dating sites allow pictures of their junk but we have a reason not to.

I created AdultCyberDating way back in 1999. In those days AdultFriendFinder was my biggest competition (and still is) but, I noticed that their website was too raunchy for a lot of people. It's especially difficult for women to be interested in join an adult dating website when there is porn everywhere, like there is at AdultFirendFinder. I figured that lots of women and men are interested in short term, no commitment relationships but, many of those people are pretty average, clean cut, upstanding people in their public life. I'm sure that they wouldn't be so proud to have people know that they belong to an adult site but, I'm darn sure that they would be quite ashamed to be found on a site where there are close up pictures of various body parts alongside their cheery smile. So, I decided to build something different.

At AdultCyberDating we have a strict ban on nudity. We allow our members to get as raunchy as they like in their personal message conversations but we do insist on keeping the public portion of their profiles at a level fit for a 16 year old to read. That keeps the public persona of our site very clean cut. I would personally let my mother read the public content on the site without having to blush. The behind the scenes conversations are a different story though. Periodically I'll have to read a member's messages in order to debug a problem and there is no doubt that the members are hooking up. There are links to all sorts of other sites with nude photos and videos, but they are all safely secured in the password protected area of the website. So, yes we are running a hookup site for adults, but we are also keeping our appearances nice and clean to avoid any undo embarrassment. That's another reason why AdultCyberDating is different.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Adut Dating Isn't about Getting Screwed...

I'm not sure what's going on but one of the biggest sources of visitors to AdultCyberDating has dried up lately. A few years ago if you went looking for a dating site that was a little bit more geared to adults looking for a hookup (instead of a straight-up dating Website) our site would almost always be at the top of the list. And why wouldn't it? We have one of the largest adult dating websites, it's fast, it's secure and it has most of the necessary features. It's even totally free.

But recently the most dominant of the website suggestion tools (the one that rhymes with boogle) have decided that we suck. Even though we have done nothing to change the way we do business they have clobbered us. We've tried to play by their rules. We read their suggestions about making things better, we watch the videos, we optimize for speed, we try to be more social, heck, we drank the freaking Kool-Aid. But nothing works anymore. The situation is making us feel royally screwed.

So we are asking for your help. Please, if you think this site is worth finding, tell someone about it. Let's get away from the corporate monopolies and move toward the good old fashioned "tell a friend" technique for promoting good things.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Challenge from AdultCyberDating

Hey Folks,

This is my first post on the AdultCyberDating blog and I just wanted to introduce you to our website. AdultCyberDating is an adult dating and hookup website. It has about fifty thousand members at any given time, and thousands of pages displayed every day. I hear you asking "so what" there are lots of those out there. Well, you are right, there are thousands of adult dating websites and hundreds of thousands of adult dating sites, but we are different.

A photo of an AdultCyberDating Member
A Member on Adult CyberDating
The big difference is that our site is 100% totally free. I know every site tells you that they are free, and in most cases they do offer something free. Some of the biggest sites allow you to signup for free, others allow you to search and chat for free but almost every adult dating website with more than a few thousand members, charges you to communicate with other members. But at AdultCyberDating.net it's totally free. You have complete access to our member profiles, unlimited messaging, unlimited searching and you can add your own profile for free.

We know everyone claims to be free and I know you are skeptical. So here's a challenge if you find a place on our website (not our advertisers) where we ask for payment, I'll send you $100.

I dare you to find a place to enter your credit card number.

Cheers, Tucker